Top Tips for Success

1. Choose the right category!

There are 12 Commercial Motor Awards up for grabs on 14 November 2017 – so make sure you target the right categories (you may enter as many categories as you like) to recognise the achievements in your business.

2. Enter online!

Click ‘Enter’ and start uploading your submission. It’s that easy.

3. Keep it simple!

An independent judging panel will read and discuss each entry in each category – outlining your outstanding achievements clearly and succinctly will make you stand out.

4. Answer the question!

The judges will be marking your entries against the entry criteria outlined on The more you meet the criteria, the higher your chance of winning.

5. Get some support!

You have up to 1,000 words to get your point across but you can add as much supporting evidence - including customer testimonials, financial performance and KPIs - as you like. It will all be treated in confidence. The more you can show how much your customers appreciate what you do – the greater your chance of winning!

6. Be vigilant!

Some categories will be subject to a Commercial Motor mystery shopper – you have been warned!

Finally – good luck!

We received an overwhelming number of outstanding entries last year – so getting shortlisted is an achievement in itself.